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PVKII Release Poll
On: Sunday, 19 Oct 2014

Greetings everyone!

We've been hard at work behind the scenes churning out content and squeezing out bugs, but we've still not hit that point where we feel the patch is ready to go public.

However! We made a promise to release the Man-at-Arms in October, so we've run into a problem. We aren't sure if we should polish up what we have and release the patch unfinished, or do we hold off until everything is ready (By end of year)?

We feel this decision should be up to our loyal fans, so we're opening a poll for you to decide the fate of our next patch. The poll will close on Friday, October 24th.

Here are just a few areas that still need to be finished:
  • Combat system changes need more testing
  • Hints/Guidance system to teach the game to new players still needs work
  • Unfinished achievements
  • Some animation/attachment issues
  • Maps still being finalized/polished -- most are about 95% ready
Do you prefer to play what we have by the end of October, or do you prefer to wait for a final product?

The choice is yours, so head to our forums and vote now!

PVKII 3.0 Just Over the Horizon

    Octoshark Studios is excited to announce that Pirates, Vikings and Knights II version 3.0 is almost here! With it comes the Source SDK Base 2013 update. This means PVK will now be standalone with support for Linux and Mac, and multi-core rendering. For a quick look at what this release has to offer, and when it will be ready, see the trailer below.

New maps in this video: te_cara & te_sandstorm. Also featuring in-game footage of the Man-at-Arms. Music by: Jaldaboath

   The Man-at-Arms is the 3rd class to join the knights team in PVKII. Brandishing a Mace and Buckler for defense, Halberd for offense, and a Crossbow for picking off enemies, this Frenchman is known for his over-the-top taunts and hilarious demeanor. Check out some of his voice commands and achievements below.

If you cannot see the Soundcloud players, click here.
The Man-at-Arms takes pride in his ability to taunt his foes. His tongue is as sharp as his Halberd.

This is just a taste of the arsenal of voice commands at the Man-at-Arms' disposal. Voiced by Weaver.

Doeth Thou Scoff Verily?

Directly taunt every enemy class.

Kill with each of your weapons in a single life.
New Maps

   bt_pinegrove is a new booty map by Gaz -- the creator of Island. Pinegrove is modelled off of the original PVK1 map that was loved by many. The map takes place in a peaceful forest. Fight off your enemies and hold onto as much treasure as possible in this spectacular remake of a classic!
   te_cara is a brand new territory map featuring two moving territories. Started by Jahhur, the creator of Frostbite and Cathedral, this beautifully crafted map has also received love from Jimonions, Lhorkan, and Sir Bubbles. Work as a team to capture the territories and dominate your enemies!
   te_sandstorm may not be a new name to the game, but the map has been completely remade by Ubermann. The style and atmosphere of this desert wonder will whet your appetite as you fight to control the food, water, and weapon supplies.
   Some of our prop modelers and texture artists have also helped contribute to these maps. Sandstorm includes props by Alurios7, Juicyfruit, Nordoceltic, and textures by Skuee. James Davis is currently working on horse models for the territories in Cara and a few other surprises in maps like Catheral.
Celebrity Announcers

If you cannot see the Soundcloud players, click here.
Alestorm's lead singer, Christopher Bowes, recorded these Pirate announcer lines for us. Alestorm is a Pirate-themed heavy metal band out of Scotland with hit songs like "Keelhauled" and "Wenches & Mead." Check them out here.

Our very own Rejenorst was kind enough to record these Viking announcer lines. You may remember Rejenorst as the man who did the original Pirate and Viking voice commands.

James "Grand Master Jaldaboath" Fogarty, lead singer of Jaldaboath, lent us his knightly voice for this announcer. Jaldaboath is a Medieval Templar Metal band based out of the UK. Their song "Hark the Herald" is featured in our trailer above. Check them out on Facebook.

    As we close in on this heavily anticipated release, look ahead for a full changelog. Keep an eye on our Social Media feeds for more! You can also stop by our forums to join the conversation!
Give us a shout out:
Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Moddb | Tumblr | Steam Community

Belly Hazard Concept Contest
On: Friday, 06 Dec 2013

Mapper and all around bad ass Tschoppo has a new map called lts_bellyhazard, which takes place in the gut of a mysterious sea creature. Some say it may be the legendary Octoshark!

Players swash around in this stomach-lined environment, fighting for the right to claim victory over such a beast. But they must fight quickly. Sudden Death brings with it a rising sea of stomach acid to melt players alive!

As you can imagine, the beast has come across undigestable entities throughout its reign on the high seas. You'll notice a viking ship in one of the shots above that was swallowed whole.

To celebrate lts_bellyhazard, we are having a contest. You have until Sunday, December 15, 2013 to submit concept artwork of an object that may find its way into the belly of such an enormous beast. It's up to you -- what may this beast have swallowed?

Post your concept art to either this thread or our Facebook page. You may submit up to two concepts. Any more than that, and we'll only accept the last two submitted.

Two winners will be selected -- one by the team, and one by a vote of the community. Winners will be chosen on creativity and detail of the concept.

Winners will have their concept modeled and placed in the map. They will also have their name placed on the team page as a Contributor and will have the Contributor title on the scoreboard in-game.

Best of luck to everyone! Also, be sure to stop by ModDB to nominate your favorite mods for Mod of the Year! Vote For Us if you feel we deserve to make the top 100!
Map Update 2.6 is now live on Steam!!
On: Thursday, 31 Oct 2013

Pirates, Vikings & Knights II beta 2.6 is now available on Steam. This update includes map changes, game mode enhancements, and balance tweaks.
You can download PVKII beta 2.6 for free through the Steam Store by Clicking Here!
*Note to server owners: You should update your server through the new SteamCMD tool provided by Valve. SteamCMD replaces hldsupdatetool. Click here for details.*

Many players will be happy to know that this update re-introduces the map tw_fort, which has been modified and re-released. Check out the following teaser:

A full changelog is available below. But first, let's have some screenshots!

Check out the full changelog here!

Be sure to follow us for future updates:
Twitter | Facebook | Youtube | Moddb

Finally, if you or someone you know can help with future updates, Join the Team!

Map Update 2.6 Coming Soon!
On: Friday, 25 Oct 2013

Our Devs and Testers have been hard at work to bring you scallywags a new update! Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II beta 2.6 will have vast improvements to several maps, enhanced territory features and some class balance changes.

Final tests are being run this weekend. If everything goes well, version 2.6 will be released October 31. Trick or treat!

Of course, with an update comes a trailer:

Here's a sneak peek at the change log (the full version will be released next week):

New Maps

tw_fort (a new official overhaul of Skjalg's hg_fort, completed by UberMann)
- Appease your gods by spilling the blood of your enemies in a lonely and beautiful fort lost at sea
- Reintroducing a pvkii classic with a complete overhaul, making it shine with new visuals
- Improved optimization and lighting
- Hungry? Challenge your enemies in the all new dining room!
- Reworked spawns, many problematic spawn locations have been removed, safer ones added
- All improved game flow, everything is wider and allows for easier maneuvering
- Many of the old spiral staircases were replaced to combat the heavy clustering of players in those areas
- Enjoy the improved courtyard and supply hallway, which provide better gameplay and visuals!
- Trinket Wars mode

- Fight for swift control and conquest of the colonial town
- Capturing and occupying a territory will provide a slow health regeneration effect for you and any teammate inside of the zone
- Features four territories in "the Haven Port", "Dinah's Well", "Hubb Jubb Stash", and "Bellamy's Balcony" each with their own HUD icons
- Guiding "territory glows" added to every territory with glowing team colors displaying land ownership, and a "white glow territory" for a zone that has yet to have been captured in the round
- Fast capture map taking only six seconds for one player to capture a "white glow territory", and 12 seconds for one player to capture a zone previously held by another team
- Capture time is quicker with more teammates conquering a territory
- Any team that captures all territories and holds control of them for 30 seconds will instantly win the round regardless of ticket count
- Watch out for unforgiving piranhas located in the death pool next to knight's spawn
- Territory mode

We look forward to playing the new maps with everyone! Be sure to check back next week and follow us for future news:
Twitter | Facebook | Youtube | Moddb

Finally, if you or someone you know can help with future updates, Join the Team!

Exclusive Octoshark Studios interview
On: Saturday, 11 May 2013

We recently sat down with Nicholas Tang from thesmartlocal.com to do an interview on the mod and our new studio. The full interview, with some exclusive pictures, is available on their site.

Here's a few of the questions we were asked:

"Tell us a little more about Octoshark Studios, where it is located, what is the office and people like and how many MacDonald outlets are close by?"

"The mod has been in it's development cycle for 6 years and counting, that is a lot of commitment and dedication to a project which you are willingly releasing for free. Does the formation of Octoshark Studio change any of that philosophical mindset?"

"Does that mean we might see Pirates, Vikings and Knights 2 as a standalone product in the future similar to what Torn Banner Studios did with Chivalry: Medieval Warfare?"

Again, for the full interview, head on over to thesmartlocal.com!

As always, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and follow us on Moddb!

Live beta tests are back!
On: Friday, 26 Apr 2013

Beginning Sunday, April 28 at 3 pm EST, PVK fans can watch live weekly broadcasts of the Man-at-Arms beta tests. At these live tests, fans may ask questions of the dev team, and will be able to see the Man-at-Arms in action, as well as a few other surprises (new maps, anybody?).

Of course, anybody following us on Twitter or Facebook already knew that!

The broadcasts will be hosted by Denshin and Davidian, and will eventually be archived on our Youtube channel. To see what these broadcasts will offer, check out the teaser below:

You may submit your questions early to our Facebook or Twitter pages, or use #pvklive and @pvkiidev during the broadcast to ask them live!

Subscribe to our Youtube channel to stay up-to-date with our videos, and check us out on Twitch.tv. The PVK Dev team will be testing our live broadcast this Saturday by playing a game together. The game choice and time have yet to be decided, so subscribe to our feed for notification.

The Chronicles of Denshin
On: Friday, 01 Feb 2013

If you've played in public servers, you've likely come across the hard-to-kill beta tester known as Denshin. If you've been fortunate enough to run into this anomaly of PVK ownage (or unfortunate enough), you've no doubt had your skull split a few times.

Well, Denshin has been kind enough to start a Youtube channel dedicated to commentary that will help get you to his level.

Take, for example, his newest upload, which teaches you the art and importance of using Specials.

For more great instructional videos on the art of wreaking havoc in PVK, be sure you subscribe to his channel. With a little practice, and a lot of patience, you'll be able to return a few skull-splitting blows


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