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Available Game Modes

Booty (pvk_island, pvk_forgotten)
There are chests scattered throughout the map and each team has a base they must bring these chests to. The bases need to be enterable for the other teams (should have more than one way in - entrances may have to be made by breaking things). The more chests you have the faster your clock goes down. First team to 0:00 wins the round.

Territory (pvk_desertruin)
One or more areas in the map need to be held by a team. These areas need to be strategically placed, and allow for more than one way of getting in. The more players of a team occupying the territory the faster their clock goes down. If more than one team is in the area, neither clock counts down. First team to 0:00 wins the round.

Difficult to describe, very map specific. The mapper has a lot of control over how the game mode works. In general there is a timer set at the beginning of the round. The mapper chooses who the timer runs for. The mapper also chooses objectives the players must attain before the timer runs out. These may include objects to destroy, buttons to press, any array of triggers at the mappers discretion. Time can be added to the timer through triggers and teams can be chosen for the timer. When the timer reaches zero the team designated by the mapper will win the round. See this thread for more information!

Last Team Standing (pvk_arena, pvk_cathedral)
All teams spawn and each player has 1 life per round. Once killed you will enter spectator mode. The last team to have players alive will win the round. There is a timer to control the round, if the timer reaches 0:00, players enter Sudden Death. The mapper ultimately decides what to do with Sudden Death to speed things up. Sudden Death will only last for so long before the round automatically ends. If there is no winner by this time, the round is considered a Draw.

Holy Grail (pvk_frostbite, pvk_fort, pvk_saints, pvk_temple)
A Holy Grail is placed somewhere in the map. Teams must fight their way to the grail and grab it. As a team holds the grail they must work together to kill a certain number of enemies. Both the grail holder and his surrounding teammates recieve buffs from the grail including health regeneration. A grail icon is visible through walls, pointing enemies in the right direction. However, to keep things from getting too chaotic the icon fades away at a certain distance and only updates its position every few seconds.

Team Deathmatch
Players spawn around the map and simply kill as many enemies as possible. There are no rounds and the only objective is to annihilate players on opposing teams.

Future Game Modes

These are still in the planning phase, may change in the future.

Each team has a base they must protect. At the same time they're trying to siege the other teams' bases. One player will be able to play the lord class who can buy upgrades and siege weapons for their team with resources gathered by players from kills. Ultimate goals vary from map to map.

Slay the Dragon
All three teams try to take down a giant A.I. controlled dragon. They won't work together, as they can kill each other at the same time.

Relics are placed throughout the map. These are very powerful objects that can bring harm to an enemy base. By picking up a relic and bringing it to an enemy base, the team will score points. The first team to a set amount of points will win.

They are out to kill your Lord! You must protect him at all costs by escorting him to a safe point in the map. Enemies try to assassinate the Lord.

Capture the Flag
Capture the other teams banner and return it to your base. If your banner is missing, you cannot score until your banner has been retrieved.

Mod of the Year Awards

Jurassic Park