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Are you GREAT?
Do others envy your SKILLS?

If you answered YES to all of the above, you may be just what we are looking for! So, if you think you have what it takes to be a member of a talented and dedicated game development team, drop by our forums with some samples of your work. In particular, we are looking for:

Programmer(s) - Must be experienced with C++ , and ideally the Source Engine. A creative problem solver and team player who can work with senior programmers to frequently update private build content. Taking on the role as an additional coder, you will be an essential and positive force for the future development of the game. We require assistance with creating & polishing gamemodes, implementing hint/tutorial systems, and working with the ui artist(s) to create the best visual experience possible.

3D Artist - Whether you specialize in characters, weapons, or props, we need you! Must be able to produce lovely-looking models and textures that fit in with PVKII's art style. Ideally, prop modelers work with our environmental artists to fill levels up with various props and assets. Modelers must be able to skin their own models and compile them into the game. Experience with the Source engine is ideal.

UI Artist/2D Artist/Texture Artist - Could be one person, could be three. We need experienced 2D artists capable of regularly producing a variety of 2D art. You need to be able to produce any of the following: game environment textures, in-game user interface design, concept art, or graphics for promotional material. We could use assistance in the future with redesigning: the HUD, the main menu, and other user interfaces. Whatever you see yourself doing, we can find a task fit for you and fit for the game. Experience with the Source engine is ideal.

We're an easy group of people to get along with and have fun doing what we do. If you're interested in applying for the team, please stop by the applications section of our forums.

Thank you for your interest!