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Langseax and Shield
  Damage: Moderate
  Damage Type: Cutting
  Speed: Medium/Fast
Primary Attack: A somewhat powerful slashing attack with the langseax. (4 methods of attack)
Block: Holding Block holds the shield up to block. While the shield is being held up, using primary attack will bash with the shield. Release secondary to lower the shield.
  Damage: Moderate
  Damage Type: Piercing
  Speed: Fast
Primary Attack: The player stabs the spear at the enemy. This has a long reach and can do a decent amount of damage. The Spear only attacks in a thrusting motion.
Block: Enables a block maneuver.
Special: The player charges for a short time with the spear sticking out, mowing enemies down.
Javelins (2)
  Damage: Heavy
  Damage Type: Piercing
  Speed: Fast
Primary Attack: Readies the javelin to be thrown. Pressing primary fire again will throw the javelin. More damage is done and more distance is reached when running forward while throwing. One cannot strafe will having a javelin readied.
Block: Cancels the readied javelin.