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Crazytalk: Lead, Environmental Artist, Weapon/Prop Modelling, Site Management
HaVoK: Lead, Environmental Artist, Weapon/Prop Modelling
jRocket: Lead, Environmental Artist, Texture Artist, Character/Prop Modelling, Animation
Akz: Lead Programming
CrackaPolly: Programming
Xealous: Texture Artist, Dev Server Admin
MaHaTmA: Texture Artist
Gaz: Environmental Artist, Prop Modelling, Texture Artist
YeeHaa: Environmental Artist, Prop Modelling, Texture Artist
Skjalg: Environmental Artist, Prop Modelling, Texture Artist
Jahhur: Environmental Artist, Prop Modelling, Texture Artist
Smilie: Environmental Artist
Blade: Lead Tester
MrAgent: Server Hosting, Mapping
Chilly: Server Host, PVK Stats
InstantSonic: Sound FX, Voice
Hengishammer: Concept Artist, Historian, Voice
Orl: Character Modelling, Texture Artist
Schaf: Prop Modelling/Textures
Zephyr: Prop Modelling/Textures
Rejenorst: Composer, Sound FX, Voice
Bleek II: Sound FX
Chasingthesun_Jeff: Sound FX
GunBeard: Voice
FerretKing186: Concept Art
Sonic7145: Site Programming

Wacko: Server Hosting
Skdr: Prop Models
Evil_Taxi: Textures
Clark Dennis: Textures
MeltingIce: Skybox Art
Bob Thomas: Main Theme Music
Docmortand: Sound FX, Voice
Bearman: Sound FX
Heretic: Prop Models/Textures
Neko: Cutlasses and Blunderbuss Models
Talon: Crossbow and Powder Keg Models, 'Theif' Model
Yosh: 1.0 Teaser Video

Mod of the Year Awards

Jurassic Park