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Two-Handed Bearded Axe
  Damage: Heavy
  Damage Type: Cutting
  Speed: Medium/Slow
Primary Attack: 4 methods of attack. Faster attack than the Huscarl.
Block: Enables a block maneuver.
Dual Wield
  Damage: Moderate
  Damage Type: Cutting
  Speed: Fast
Primary Attack: Holding this swings the two weapons in succession with quick speed. Attacking while moving back primes the two to attack at once.
Block: Both weapons come together to perform a block function.
Berserk (Special)
By triggering the berserk any time the Special Bar is full, the berserker will go into a frenzy of mayhem. While active, a small amount of health is granted and the berserker will have a slight alteration in sight and sound. This lasts for 15 seconds and gives the player speed and damage boosts during that time. At the end of the berserk, the health given is lost and the player will die if below 0 health.

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