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Fancy Dagger
  Damage: Light
  Damage Type: Cutting
  Speed: Very Fast
Primary Attack: A weak, but very fast attack delivered in a combination of stabbing and slashing.
Artisan's Flintlock Pistol
  Damage: Moderate
  Damage Type: Piercing
  Speed: Medium/Fast
Primary Attack: This is a slightly more accurate shot than the Skirmisher's and has a range of 70 feet. The user has to reload after every shot.
Block: The Sharpshooter steadies the barrel on his left arm, giving him a more accurate shot, but slowing his run speed down slightly.
Long Rifle
  Damage: Heavy
  Damage Type: Piercing
  Speed: Slow
Primary Attack: This fires the rifle. The rifle's range is long, but this isn't an instant hit. Depending on how far the enemy is, you may have to lead them a bit.
Block: The Sharpshooter aims the rifle on his shoulder, allowing for an insanely more accurate shot. Leading the enemy will still come into play here.

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