New Class


- Weak and quite slow but carries heavy firepower - Carries a long range rifle, artisan flintlock pistol and a fancy dagger. - As his special attack the Sharpshooter can throw his powder horn like a grenade.

New Maps


- A small peaceful wealthy town is raided by Pirates, Vikings, and Knights.
- Booty mode.

lts_gravedanger - Graveyard where the dead spirits yearn for more blood and battle. - Last Team Standing mode.

lts_town - Night has landed on the streets and merchants come out to sell their apples. - Last team standing mode.

tw_tortuga - The infamous pirate haven has some unusual visitors from times passed. - Trinket Wars mode.

Existing Map Changes

- tw_saints spawns fixed
- bt_island
	* Palm trees are no longer able to be climbed.
	* Viking spawn is unreachable.
	* Chests cannot be thrown into unreachable areas anymore.

General Changes


- Updated shaders for players.
- New effects for damage and explosions.
- Trinket wars particle effect replaced with a new low-cost effect.
- Updated animations for Captain and Skirmisher.
- Headshots added (SS rifle only). 
- Jumps are now trackable. - Updated main menu and loading screen. - Several new music themes. - Several new achievements, including 10 for the sharpshooter. - Customizable colours for parrots, gained by unlocking achievements. - Muting now also removes voice commands texts from the chat window. - Updated Steamworks API. - Added minimum and maximum values for rates. - Master server legacy mode is off and heartbeat on by default. - Several other bug and exploit fixes, including: * Chest bonus score exploit fixed. * Decals and dropped weapons are cleaned at round restarts. * Fixed quirky font action on some resolutions. * Scoreboard shows up to 24 players. * Fixed players near their carrier having the wrong trinket effect. * Fixed many errors causing character models to show "T" poses. * Several missing and misplaced voices fixed. * Added missing delays on round cheers. * AFK status is now also checked against button presses and changes in view angle.

Combat and Game-Mode Changes

- Shield bash now has a short cooldown.
- Kegs are more easily pushed by shields.
- Large weapons are now generally slower to charge up but have faster swings.
- Spawning trinket can now be passed to a random teammate by pressing G.
- Chests now spawn quickly back into chest zone if just thrown out.
- Chest pickup delay removed. - Chest carriers have 10% damage reduction to incoming ranged attacks. - Developers and testers have the Midas touch.

Class Balance Changes

- Sword/axe combo easier to land strikes with.
- Big axe is much faster but deals less damage and has shorter range. - Movement speed increase. - Special bar is easier to fill. Huscarl - Two handed axe is slower but does more damage and longer range. - Slightly increased health and armor. Gestir - Seax damage lowered. Heavy Knight - Claymore is slightly slower but does a bit more damage. - Small increase in armor. Captain - Cutlass is a bit slower but does more damage. - Blunderbuss has a limited range for its pushback. - Special shot now passes through teammates.